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Food items especially freshly made bakery goods are something that will instantly brighten up your mood. It is thus a great idea for a business to sell bakery or any other food items because they are always in demand. Donuts will be not only good to taste but also tempting to glance at. In this article, we will talk about the donut boxes wholesale for your business.

What are donuts?

Donuts are sweet snacks mainly containing dough and sugar and are made by baking or frying. They are loved as a sugary snack in all parts of the world by people of all ages. Whoever likes to have baked items as a snack is a fan of donuts. In certain parts of the world, they are so popular that there is a food chain dedicated to making and selling donuts. If you are someone who wants a sweet and filling snack to have for lunch or as a tea-time snack, donuts are a perfect option.

Donut packaging boxes

For such a popular food item the quality and style of packaging are also vital. Packaging is the first thing that customers will note while purchasing a donut. Since there is a lot of competition among food companies for this particular product, you need to be very careful about the packaging. The donut box that you select for the packaging of your product must be able to amaze the buyers. This makes the buyers select your product over the others and you will have better sales. In this article, we will talk about how you can make your donut boxes wholesale impressive and presentable to boost your sales.

Custom-fit donut boxes

Donut boxes can contain from one to a dozen donuts inside them. You can make a custom donut box that meets the requirements of the number, size, and dimensions that you want. The donuts that you make are of your desired size so you can get custom donut boxes wholesale to suit their dimensions.

Single donut box

Single donut boxes are for one donut and there are unlimited styles of packaging and dimensions that you can select for them. You can select whether you want a standard size or exactly fitted boxes for all your single donuts.

Donut box for a pack of donuts

Pack of a donut may vary in number and thus the size depends on that. For two donuts, for instance, you will need rectangular donut boxes wholesale. Whereas for six or more donuts you will need a large box to fit them all with perfection?

Donut box packaging styles

There are various options for packaging box styles that you can get for your donuts from wholesale suppliers. Donut boxes wholesale can be of the following types to fit your exclusive product.

Tuck top boxes

It is the most simple yet one of the most popular styles for packaging a bakery item. They are easy and convenient to use and are also very commonly available with all sorts of packaging suppliers. These are one-piece packaging boxes that contain a top lid that you can tuck inside and a flat bottom. You can easily and safely place and fit your donuts inside them. These boxes are available in your desired size or have them custom-made to fit your donuts.

Telescope boxes

Telescope boxes are a less common type of packaging box used for donuts, but they are also very safe and easy to use. They have a lid that is separate from the bottom container. Thus, unlike tuck top boxes, they are a two-piece style of packaging box. You can easily lift the top lid off the bottom container to reveal the donuts. Telescope box is the finest option as a gift donut box packaging. Just attach a ribbon or greeting card on the top or customize it however you like to make it more special.

Hexagon boxes

Hexagon boxes are packaging boxes that have six sides and can have any of the open styles for closure. They are certainly a unique packaging style option for donuts and are mostly fit for a single donut.

Window boxes

Window boxes are popular not only for the packaging of donuts but also for all sorts of other bakery items. They have a large square cut out on top of the box from which you can view the items inside the box. These boxes are perfect for items for which you do not want to conceal such as donuts. The specialty of donuts is their creams and flavor that are visible from the window box.

Sleeve boxes

Sleeve boxes are two-piece boxes that are also great for packaging and presenting because of their unique and stylish design. The sliding of the lid reveals the donuts and makes them look so much more appetizing. The lid is not just easy to remove but also keeps the contents of the box secure and prevent from falling. You can also get sleeve boxes with windows to make the packaging more appealing.

Donut box inserts

To add multiple donuts to a single packaging box is always a good way to put inserts inside the box. Inserts are simple flaps of paper or cardboard that will help make compartments inside the box. This will make separate compartments for the donuts and prevent any kind of damage to the items because of friction. This is a particularly useful way of keeping the donuts safe during transport.

Purposes that donut boxes serve

The packaging boxes for donuts serve the following important purposes that will make your donuts more appetizing and desirable.

Conservation and safety

The donut packaging boxes conserve the shape and freshness of the donuts. Donuts are soft and chewy, and they need strong and sustainable packaging. The donut box wholesale will keep them fresh as new till you eat them.

Better presentation of your brand

The custom printing and design of donut boxes are a great way for better marketing. You can make your product look attractive with techniques like spot UV, metallic foiling, and other latest coating techniques.

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