Significant Reason To Use Innovative Product Packaging To Attract Customers

Packaging has nothing to do with sales; it is the product inside that matters to the consumer; if you have the same thinking, you are on a path to failure. The importance of product packaging is far greater than many businesses anticipate.

For America alone, 72% of the consumers say that their decision to make the purchase is influenced by the packaging design. In addition, 61% say they will make a repeat purchase of a luxury product if it arrives in premium packaging. The packing of a product communicates starting from the product category to your company’s values. It is wise to consult the best product packaging design services and use packaging as a marketing and communication tool for your business. Start thinking about the product packaging that defines your brand and consider some of the factors mentioned in the article.

  • It creates a difference from other brands

There are a thousand products present in the market. These products may be similar to your or they are substitutes. As mentioned above, most consumers make their decision regarding the purchase based on the product’s packaging. So, to successfully attract these potential customers, your packaging needs to stand out and create a point of difference from your competitors. At the same time, it should align with your brand image.

  • Colour influences purchasing habits

The colour of the packaging affects the buying decision in several ways. The human brains react to colours differently, so companies need to choose the packaging colour carefully. For example, white packaging conveys the message of simplicity, safety and purity. Colour experts say more colour on the packaging indicates a less sophisticated product. Even different shades of the same colour have a different effect, and light blue is considered playful while the dark tone of blue is deemed to be royal. So, invest time to research the perfect colour of the packaging that suits your products.

  • Acts as a marketing tool

The packaging of a product can prove to be marketing tools as well, through in-store advertising. Consumers easily recognize branded products. So, designing packaging with your logo and brand name visible to the consumers helps them remember your brand next time they are shopping. Good packaging provides a positive vibe to the consumer in the presence of other similar products.

  • Improve Brand recognition

One thing common in all the famous brands is that they are memorable. Over the decades’ brands like coke stayed true to their original forms with minor tweaks only. This has made the brands instantly recognizable among the masses. Sometimes making drastic changes in logo, colour or packaging can have a backlash from shoppers.

  • Protect the products

At the most basic level, good packaging serves as a protection to the product inside many. Many display boxes are transparent to provide the inside view of the box to the consumer, but they are made up of tough material to protect the delicate product inside. Many companies package the products with seals and locks to avoid tampering.

  • Sustainable in some cases

Some companies of the world understood the importance of nature and understood the packaging of material is responsible for destroying it. They hired the best product packaging design services to come up with innovative ideas for sustainable box packaging. The consumers of today’s era are much more concerned about the environment and appreciate when companies move forward with steps like sustainable packing. This enhances the company’s image in the mind of the consumers.

  • Indicator of Product quality

According to studies carried out by Mintel, high-quality packaging, especially for food products, is an indicator of the quality of the product for one-third of U.S consumers alone. So, it is the right time to come up with unique packaging structures, which focus on making a difference on the display shelves and contribute to developing brand identity. Attractive display boxes with an interesting shape that reflects a brand is a viable option. 

  • Packaging and product as a unit

It is said that packaging is also a promise of content, i.e. the product of the company. Thus, it is important for the packaging to become a part of the product unit; in other words, packaging and product should form one unit. Confectionery or cosmetics, which comes in attractive box packaging, often provides the feel of a gift. This type of character reflects the goodwill of the company.


The packaging of a product represents the brand in competition through its design and content. It not only protects the products inside but all contribute to the overall performance of the brand. The companies should be careful developing the packaging because it is an important marketing tool for the brand. In simple terms said by best product packaging design services – a good packaging protects the products, while great packaging protects the brands.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

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