Norstrat – History of Best Consulting Company

Norstrat Interactive Communications was founded in 1988, and is now a pioneer in telecom consultancy. It has an expert team from multiple disciplines that work together to design solutions for its clients. One of the company’s co-founders, Lee Carson, was named an honorary Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. Lee Carson was the prior chief consultant for National Resources Department in Canada. The company has built an impressive name throughout the North American telecom industry.

Innovative Services & Technologies

Norstrat offers a variety of services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Norstrat is the only firm in Canada that offers microloans and their services are affordable and help people avoid bankruptcy. Alongside its ingenious strategies, Norstrat provides technical support as well as full-service certifications. It is a trusted public institution that has been the preferred partner for governments across Canada for a long time. Norstrat experts have thorough knowledge of the various aspects of running a business. Their team has vast experience in the development of new technologies and services. Their work with infrastructure development in Canada is among their most important contributions. They’re focused on helping Canada achieve its goals and enhance its infrastructure. As of 1988, they were an integral part of the Canadian Northern Strategy and helped develop strategies for its creation and implementation.

New Offshore Companies

Norstrat Advisory Council For New Offshore Companies and Large Corporations Its history spans over 50 years. Norstrat is among the most well-known and oldest IT consulting companies in the world. Their consultants have years of experience in the field of business and are able to provide customized quotations that are based on their knowledge of their customers’ needs. The services offered by the company span a range of sectors and are provided to organizations and businesses at all levels.

How to be Successful in Business

Norstrat is among the most profitable consulting firms worldwide. The company’s unique system utilizes satellite images to pinpoint oil reserves in remote regions around the globe. This technique can be helpful to both small and large businesses. This method can be extremely efficient in the development of any business. It is employed by the military as well as large corporations. For instance, Norstrat has helped an energy giant locate new oil reserves after devising an algorithm that utilizes satellite images to locate these reserves.

Social Media & Digital Strategy

The company’s history goes back to 1927 the year that its founders, Alex and Peter struggled to find work in Canada. In the end, they founded Norstrat which was a strategic consulting company

with a global presence. They succeeded in bringing Norstrat into their clients across the United States and other countries. It has a long tradition in the energy and oil markets. The company was started by former military personnel and northern business leaders who wanted to know the most pressing issues facing humanity. Its offerings include digital strategy, as well as healthcare experts. The expertise of the company in various areas of government and business have made it an essential player in the global consultancy market. The diverse background of the company demonstrates the ability of the firm to work across a variety of industries.

Technical Departments

Norstrat is a non-profit organization which has seen remarkable outcomes in just two years. It offers consulting for small-scale businesses that are growing and is a pioneer in various technical areas. Norstrat’s is a non-profit organization which is committed in improving quality of life as well as the quality of life for all. This is why it is a great consulting firm for small-sized businesses. The company’s aim is to enhance the lives of people as well as communities through the advancement of technology.


NORSTRAT was founded in the year 1988 in 1988, and over the years it has grown into an industry-leading technology consulting company. Its goal is to assist clients develop an effective Northern Strategy of Canada. The company has collaborated in partnership with Fortune 100 corporations, early-stage companies, and government agencies. The company is a leader in many specializations and has been a leading force in the field of information technology. The team also collaborates in a variety of industries.

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