Everything You Need to Know About Vacuum Trucks

You might have spotted large vacuum trucks on the road—they are industrial trucks with pumps, holding tanks, and suction hoses. The global vacuum truck market size is expected to reach $5382.8 million by 2027.

These trucks are primarily used for large-scale cleanup of sludge and liquids in maintenance systems. They manage the removal of many different kinds of materials, be it hazardous or non-hazardous.

If you’re looking for a vacuum truck for sale, you should be aware of the different kinds of vacuum trucks available.

In this article, you will look at the many types of vacuum trucks and explore their functions.

Types of Vacuum Trucks

Depending on your needs, you might require any of these types of vacuum trucks. 

  1. Industrial Vacuum Loaders

While these vacuum trucks are incredibly versatile, they are best used on dry and dusty surfaces. They work using positive displacement blowers that direct the air and allow excavating different kinds of substances.

Industrial trucks also feature a unique filtration system that enables operations in areas with ash and debris flying around.

These trucks are best suited for manufacturing and chemical plants. You could also use them at farms, food-grade facilities, baghouses, and power plants.

  1. Hydrovac Vacuum Trucks

As the name suggests, these trucks are used for pumping wet matter. They are highly efficient and offer a great degree of directional control, making them a good fit for mining and trenching projects.

These trucks inject pressurised water into the ground to loosen it. They are, therefore, very common in the excavation of hard ground.

Hydrovac trucks are not just highly sophisticated but also extremely safe.

  1. Combination Vacuum Trucks

Combination trucks do a great job of vacuuming both wet and dry substances. They employ a hydrostatic drive for generating power. They are best suited for the removal of damp substances.

In most cases, these trucks can switch between wet and dry stems, making them highly versatile.

They are typically used for cleaning sewer lines, settling ponds, storm drains, catch basins, and drainage ditches.

Why Use Vacuum Trucks?

Take a look at the different situations where vacuum trucks can be used.

  1. Construction

Vacuum trucks are pretty popular on construction sites. They are perfect for excavation and underground daylighting purposes.

These trucks use high-pressure water to break the soil, and a powerful vacuum system transfers the debris into a debris tank for further restoration or relocation.

Hydro excavation trucks are pretty accurate and do not damage the underground utilities.

  1. Rescue Operations

While rescue efforts are not a very common use of vacuum trucks, they have proven quite helpful in emergencies.

They are an ideal choice for recovery missions involving building collapses or trench save-ins. Vacuum trucks have also been used to rescue animals from catch basins and storm drains.

  1. Oil Fields

Vacuum trucks play a crucial role in the gas and oil industries. They are often used to dispose of the water resulting from hydraulic fracturing operations in oil fields.

Specialised vacuum trucks are designed for increasing revenue while decreasing downtime.

Vacuum trucks are also used for cleaning up industrial spillage consisting of dry and wet debris.

Final Thoughts

Vacuum trucks are immensely popular and versatile. They can be used in many different situations and for various purposes.

If you’re looking for a vacuum truck for sale, identify the purpose first. It will help you select the ideal vacuum truck for your needs.

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