Everything You Need To Know About Diabetic Socks 

A chronic condition that plagues most individuals, especially senior citizens, is Diabetes. It diminishes the body’s natural ability to make insulin and control sugar levels in the body. Aside from changes in diet, therapy, and regular exercise sessions, people can now buy bulk diabetic socks to reduce the risk of any implications caused by Diabetes. 

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just a sales stunt by the medical industry but a very effective way to combat the problems commonly seen in diabetic patients. And with more than 1.2 million people already having Diabetes, it’s always good to explore other avenues of treatment aside from expensive drugs and medical therapy. 

Diabetic Socks: Why Wear Them? 

Since Diabetes is one of the direct causes of high blood sugar levels, the nervous system and the circulatory system are susceptible to damage. This is more in the case of limbs and feet where the sensation is reduced, and in turn, the foot gets more prone to injuries. Most common symptoms related to feet as seen in diabetic people include: 

  • Lack of sensation or a feeling of numbness, especially in the toes. 
  • A feeling of a sharp pain that usually occurs during nighttime or while sleeping. 
  • Sensations of burning or even tingling may persist for a brief period. 
  • Muscles weaken due to the lack of blood flow to the feet. 
  • Any deformities or ulcer formation is at high risk due to high sugar levels in the blood. 

Wearing the proper footwear can work wonders for diabetic patients, and this is why buying bulk diabetic socks are always recommended instead of the usual tight footwear. 

How Are Diabetic Socks Different? 

Compared to regular socks, diabetic socks are less irritable to the skin and are designed in such a way as to keep any foot injuries to a minimum. Here are some other characteristics that make diabetic socks unique: 

  • They don’t have any seams or intricate stitchings, so they don’t run against the skin as often as regular socks. Diabetic socks help reduce skin problems like ulcers and the formation of blisters by making sure that the skin contact with the fabric of the socks is as delicate as possible. 
  • Diabetic socks are made of a particular fabric that absorbs moisture powerfully. This is ideal in preventing any further infections by keeping the toes and the feet dry all the time. Not to mention that the fabric is also breathable to a great degree. 
  • The socks also keep the blood circulation in the feet going by keeping the toes warm all the time. Since Diabetes causes most blood vessels to contract and restrict blood flow, diabetic socks help check blood circulation. 
  • They also have additional paddings to prevent injuries and cushion the foot against scratches or bumps. The design isn’t too tight and allows adequate space between toes to prevent moisture buildup. 
  • The fabric is also lined with antimicrobial materials to prevent fungal or bacterial growth. 

Who Can Wear Them? 

Generally speaking, any individual having Diabetes is recommended to buy and wear one daily. Aside from regular diabetic patients: 

  1. Those having chronic Diabetes who are afflicted with neuropathy in the feet and toes must wear diabetic socks.
  1. Those with a medical history of foot ulcers or an increased tendency to have blisters and ulcers in the feet must wear these. 

Diabetic patients are not advised to walk barefoot even at home and should wear diabetic socks as often as possible. 

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