The Ultimate 14” Gaming Laptop you deserve to have

The Razer Blade 14 is the ultimate AMD gaming laptop. This article will review the top reasons that make this laptop stand out from all other laptops in 2018, making it one of the best options for gamers looking to play games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

1. Powerful AMD Ryzen 7 2700U Processor

The first reason why the Razer Blade 14 is one of the best laptops for gaming is that it comes with an incredibly powerful processor. The Ryzen 7 2700U features four cores and eight threads, which gives you advanced performance while playing games like Fortnite or League of Legends. The number of cores tells you how good a computer’s performance will be when running multiple programs, so more cores generally means higher performance. The number of threads tells you how many tasks can be performed simultaneously by the central processing unit (CPU).

2. Updated Graphics Card to Handle High-End Games

Another reason why the Razer Blade 14 is one of 2018’s best gaming laptops is that it comes with an updated graphics card that allows you to play Fortnite and other graphically-demanding games at high frame rates. One advantage that AMD has over Nvidia in computers is that it makes its graphics cards backward compatible, meaning they’ll work with all games released for the last several years. Including the new GTX 1660 Ti and RTX 2060, both of which are expected to release later this year and soon after this article is published. As a result, gamers who want to play Fortnite, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Dota 2, Diablo 3, or other games that require high graphics performance will be able to do so without sacrificing too much speed.

3. Magnesium Alloy Construction for Maximum Durability

Another reason why the Razer Blade 14 is one of 2018’s best gaming laptops is that it features a magnesium alloy construction which makes the laptop incredibly sturdy. The laptop weighs around 4.63 pounds and measures 13.98 x 9.25 x 0 inches, making it easy to carry your laptop with you wherever you go. This allows gamers who frequently travel for school or work to play their favorite games, whether they’re on a bus, train, airplane, or waiting in the airport security line.

4. Two USB Type-A Ports for Easy Connectivity

Another reason why the Razer Blade 14 is one of 2018’s best gaming laptops is that it features two USB Type-A ports, which means you can connect it to a variety of devices, including your mouse and external hard drive. This makes transferring large files a lot easier, as you won’t have to worry about purchasing an expensive laptop that comes with many USB C ports. The laptop also comes with one HDMI port, one audio/ microphone jack, and one 3.5mm headphone/ microphone jack, so all your bases are covered when it comes to connecting your favorite peripherals or speakers without needing multiple adapters or cables. In addition, this solid connection allows gamers who play online with others to communicate via voice chat or video conference. For more information visit here

5. Supports Razer Chroma Lighting Effects

Another reason why the Razer Blade 14 is one of 2018’s best gaming laptops is that it supports Razer Chroma, which means you can make your keyboard glow in different colors depending on what game or application you’re currently using. This allows gamers to show their personality when playing games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft. Overall the laptop features 16.8 million color options, so there are plenty of colors for all gamers to choose from, whether they prefer bright reds, yellows, oranges, purples, or deep blues.

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