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The issues faced by the constant digital screens users

How long do you sit in front of digital screens? This pandemic has forced us to sit in front of the screens and shift our lives into a box. How would that work for us? Well, this pandemic has made our one dream come true, an indefinite holiday but, every fun lasts for a limited time, and that’s exactly what happened. You can even buy glasses online in the UK

The indefinite break

At the beginning of the pandemic, people started trying out something experimental to keep them busy and entertained. Soon it ended being boring, the work started over pouring, and it was no fun anymore. The worst of experiences is that one faces excessive glare and blue light. The issue that is faced by the people is universal, and the effects are also the same for everyone. Now let’s understand them in detail. 

What is glare? 

Glare is nothing but a sharp reflection that is caused by a bright light falling on the smooth surface. It’s a very common phenomenon when it comes to driving and using an object with screens. If you wear glasses, you are most likely to face the situation of glare, and it’s super common. The situation can be combated with anti-glare glasses for the computer. 

While using digital devices

The light from the digital screens falls right on your glasses causing sharp reflection, making it quite difficult to look at the screens. There are also chances that these sharp glares can cause irritations in the eyes, and people might also face major and minor headaches, making it much more difficult to look at the screen. 

While driving during the day

The major source of light that forms the glare is via sunlight, the bright light from the sun falls right on the glasses causing a blinding effect making it quite difficult to look at the road. 

While driving at night 

The situation with the glare becomes much more difficult and dangerous and can be the major cause of accidents. Most glare is caused by the light from the street lights and from the headlights of the forthcoming vehicles. At night, it becomes much more difficult to see the road at night than during the daytime. Some people also might experience halos around the light. 

What is blue light?

Apart from the glares from digital screens, another issue that is faced by the people who use digital screens is the issue of exposure to blue light. This blue light is the part of a visible light spectrum; that is emitted from the digital screens, LED, and even from natural sources such as sunlight. 

This blue light is generally associated with increased attention span and memory booster but, excessive exposure has its own ill effects.

The effects of blue light 

We right now have no other option than excessively being exposed to the blue light. When we sit in front of the screens for hours, we are exposed to its ill effects. Many people experience irritation, dry eyes, eye strain, fatigue, constant major and minor headaches. 

It starts affecting one’s productivity as these effects make it much difficult to sit in front of the screens and work for hours. 

Did you know this blue light is also capable of affecting your sleep cycle? That’s why when you use digital screens at night you do not feel sleepy. 


When it comes to combating such a situation, the best remedy is to switch to blue light glasses. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of these lights. 

  • The best use is that they block 100% of the blue light from reaching the eyes. 
  • It provides the much-required escape from eye strain and fatigue. 
  • Relief from constant headaches. 
  • Increases productivity as it provides the much-required relief from all the negatives that affect the work. 
  • The imitation and dry issues can be easily removed just by remembering to blink regularly while using screens. 
  • The issue of the sleep cycle can easily be combated with trying to avoid screens at night or by just switching to night mode. 
  • The best method is to take small breaks in between the long work and enjoy the natural scenery. 

These blue light glasses are not just limited to the adults, they are much more useful for the children as well who have been shifted studying from the digital screens. You can get your blue light prescription glasses online in the UK with just a few clicks. 

A knowledgeable pic for your eyecare needs is an essentials move and these are among the most required if you are a workaholic. 

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