Advantages Of Windproof Paving Systems 

Different parts of the property last for a long time when they are safeguarded from environmental elements like heat and flood. Those who have parts of their house exposed to the sun know the damage resulting from the shifting atmospheric conditions. Decking pedestals or a heavy-duty wind proof paving system designed for deck, floor, paver, and beam safeguards the exposed parts of your property from damage. These deck supports are stable and easy to install. In various raised floor applications, you can also use them as bearer supports, paving supports, and beam supports. 

What Are Windproof Paving Systems

Varying ground levels is a common problem encountered by those who make outdoor floors. This issue is often overlooked, leading to the sloping floor’s levelling ineffectively. The solution to this problem is a horizontally laid floor that keeps the ground below the floor in a slope ideal for rain drainage. But it’s more comfortable to utilise the horizontally laid floor outside. It’s made possible by a roof pedestal system. Outdoor terrace floors require an element that raises the terrace to a suitable height and leads the terrace floor’s upper surface to be horizontal or with a slight slope.

These systems resolve the issue of plate lifting, which results from wind in a secure, permanent, and cost-effective way. They guarantee a firm bond between the supports and the flooring plates. It contains metal clips placed into the spacer fins of the supports. The clips block the flooring plates due to their specific ‘T’ or ‘L’ shape. So, the flooring seamlessly blends with the system. Due to being connected, the plates enforce more resistance to the sucking power of the wind.

The paving systems are removable. So, you can inspect the underlying surface with ease. They are also adjustable, which means that you can adjust the supports in height without requiring any screws or adhesives. You can also find these systems getting installed on pre-existing terraces.

Where Can You Use Windproof Paving Systems

  • Houses in hilly areas can be challenging to build. To level the surface before installing a pergola, pool deck, or other structure. A windproof paving system can extend from 14mm to 1021 mm. This kind of surface is secure and stable. 
  • Walkways, podiums, landscapes, and patios need building on the ground. But the natural moisture present on the land impacts the durability and strength of materials like concrete, wood, and steel. Thus, it reduces their lifespan. Decking pedestals raise the floors above the ground and minimise moisture accumulation.
  • Multifunctional structures – You can use pedestals to build multifunctional structures like transferable podiums or playhouses. 
  • To clear an area under the terrace – The electricity and plumbing can be disguised below the terrace. Decking pedestals allow you to have a space between your terrace and the ground. You can place a cable for lighting or a garden hose in this area. 
  • Balcony with a flat surface – Increasingly, balcony and roof designs integrate a fully flat upper surface to become more effective leisure areas.

Windproof paving systems are specifically developed for elevated paving on terraces in areas exposed to rough weather conditions and high winds. Such a system contributes to paving stability to a considerable extent.  

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