Why Kids Need Bible and What Are Suitable Bible Options According to Their Age

Children are curious beings. From the time they learn how to speak, their minds are filled with questions about their surroundings and environment. Adults must help children develop into beings who can think critically about the world they live in. Bible reading produces many positive outcomes in children. Research reveals that children whose parents regularly read the Bible have greater intelligence, empathy, coping, and social skills. Today, you can find a great collection of kids Bibles that teach them how the entire Scripture points to the Gospel and the cross of Jesus Christ. Keep reading to discover why it’s essential for kids to read the Bible and some great options for them as per their age group. 

Why Kids Need Bible

Children are curious by nature. As they grow, they ask different questions about humankind. They desire an answer to questions like:

  • How do you know that God exists?
  • Who is God?
  • How can I know if God loves me?
  • How were the heavens and Earth created?
  • What happens to a person when they die?

Nothing delights a kid more than giving them the freedom to play detective and find answers to these questions. One of the most significant gifts parents can give to their children is empowerment. You can show them how to be constant learners and think critically about their surroundings through a Bible. It’s essential to provide them with the correct tools and develop spiritually. It helps children to know about life and the world around them.

Bible Options for Kids in 0-5 Years

  • The Tiny Tots Bible is one of the best books you can read with your little one. It’s written honestly, so preschoolers don’t find it difficult to understand. The bright and vivid colour images attract even babies. It includes 14 main Bible stories.
  • Read-Aloud Bible Stories – Children aged 1-5 years will love reading these volumes. Every Bible story in them highlights God as the ultimate hero. Its pictures also engage the attention of kids in this age group. 

Bible Options for Kids Older Than 5 Years

  • The Jesus Storybook Bible – Children older than five years acquire the maturity to understand the concepts in this Bible. It explains the story underneath all the narratives present in the Bible. At the core of all the adventures is the baby Jesus on whom everything depends. This book helps children discover that Jesus lies at the heart of salvation.
  • The International Children’s Bible is perfect for elementary-aged and middle-grade kids. The text in this Bible is written in an understandable manner, which kids can easily digest. 

Bible Options for Kids Older Than 6 Years

  • NIV Adventure Bible is apt for children between 8 to 14 years old. The introduction and call-outs throughout the text allow children to understand and apply the sayings of the Scripture passages. 
  • HCSB Kid’s Study Bible features maps, bright color illustrations, and study helps. Some good topics for children to explore in this book include ‘How the Bible Can Help You’, ‘How to Have a Quiet Time’, and ‘The Names of Jesus.’

You can find some of the best kids Bibles like Bible Stories Every Child Should Know, Read Aloud Bible Stories available as a hardcover at prices starting from $13.99 online. Once you place the order, the books ship in as little as 24 hours. Thus, you can help your children understand their faith better and become good human beings.

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