Exotic Car Rental Makes For a Memorable Manhattan Trip

Driving to Manhattan? Make sure you are in a luxury car. How it changes your trip! The “wow” factor associated with driving a luxury vehicle is a thing to die for. This holds particularly true when you are planning a VIP dinner at one of the fancy restaurants in Manhattan. 

Imagine pulling over in a classy Audi! Or how about a Rolls Royce or a Mercedes Benz? Exotic car rental in Manhattan has an impressive fleet of luxury-on-wheels. You can easily get the car of your choice here. 

Manhattan is one of the five chief districts of New York City. It is also an important tourist spot. So, when you are in New York you mustn’t miss coming to Manhattan. 

One of the most enchanting ways to visit Manhattan is to drive in a luxury car. Well, don’t simply believe us. Try it and see. If you don’t like it, there are always cabs to take you there! 

Driving to Manhattan 

Distance from New York to Manhattan is 9 miles by road. So, it usually takes around 10 to 20 minutes to reach there, depending on the traffic and your speed. 

Best time to drive to Manhattan

Avoid rush hours, if you want to keep your sanity! You will find heavy traffic in the early afternoon. The best time is early morning or night hours. Avoid Monday morning rush hours. 

If you rent a Ferrari and wish to make it roar on the road, drive when the traffic is almost nil. You will love the experience. Zoom off during night hours. The city lights coupled with the night air make for a mesmerizing experience. 

How to rent a luxury car in Manhattan?

With a valid driver’s license, matching insurance, and a credit card on file, you can rent your dream car within minutes. 

Inspect the car before you take it out from the rental spot. Become comfortable with it. Then, let it glide on the roads of New York and Manhattan. 

However, if you are below 21, the rental officials might hesitate to rent you a car. But, if you are ready to pay an inexperienced driver’s fee, you can still rent a car. 

But that might make your renting process a bit costlier. If you have a friend or family member, who is above 21, ask them to rent an exotic car for you. 

Best places to see in Manhattan

Now that you have your own mode of transportation and are in the lap of luxury, time to go! 

Manhattan has a range of mesmerizing places to visit. A few examples include:

  • Manhattan City Park
  • Manhattan River Trail
  • Downtown farmers market of Manhattan
  • Wolf House Museum
  • Colbert Hills
  • Kansas State University Insect Zoo 
  • Sunset Zoo
  • Liquid Art Winery and Estate

So, what are you waiting for? Locate one of your nearest exotic car rentals today and plan a terrific trip to Manhattan. 

Some things in life need no thinking. Just do them. 

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