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Expert tips to renovate your discarded balcony

Are you in a rented apartment and don’t feel that you can renovate the balcony the way you want? Are you living in a home with a small balcony that doesn’t seem to serve any real purpose? The balcony is often an underutilized outdoor space. However, with balcony renovation, it can be turned into one of your favourite spaces in your home. Here are some tips on how to renovate your balcony on a budget.

  1. Get started with a bold and charming colour palette

You may create the perfect saturated balcony nook that compliments the rest of the house with a variety of colours ranging from dark sombre to airy light. These accent colours would be ideal for a reading chair, as they would create a classy, serene, yet lively ambience. It would be adding to the house’s aesthetic intrigue and fun, and create a personal, positive, and creative environment. Adding statement furniture and accessories would also be a good way to brighten up the space.

  1. Fill your balcony with greenery

Plants can be a terrific way to ease the threshold between the inside and the outdoors if you want to tidy up your balcony on a budget. Inviting nature into your home creates an airy, earthy atmosphere that not only looks great but also helps you live more sustainably. 

You may incorporate them into your indoor space in a variety of ways, from cascading vertical and herb gardens to container and hanging potted gardens. It allows you to disconnect from your hectic daily routine and reconnect with nature tranquilly. Raised platforms, ledges, shelves, and even cupboard greenhouses can aid in the growth of your plants while also reducing stress and improving your happiness and mood.

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  1. Add a swing 

Adding this traditional element to your balcony may make it feel cosier. It allows both the young and old to unwind, cuddle up, and look up at the clouds as the swing sways in time. This ideal “me time” location would help to generate calm seating, enhance the space, and introduce a focal point, all while generating a flow from inside to out. These swings can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and rattan, and each one has its own distinct style, transforming the balcony into a wonderful reading corner.

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  1. Add some protection screens

From cloth awnings to wooden pergolas and metal trellises, adding a roof cover creates shade and an intriguing light quality within the area. They boost the usage of outdoor spaces and make your balcony cosy and personal. Furthermore, allowing vines to climb and cascade down the overhead structure adds to its seasonal beauty. Adding more drapes and string lights would create a fantastic entertainment night that would make anyone’s eyes shine.

You may also add some accessories like a mini fountain to feel a little closer to nature. Hang up some fairy lights and cherish the cosy evenings with your beautiful balcony!

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