Exotic Places to visit during North Sikkim Tour

Sikkim is enchanting, with mysterious vistas, and its allure is irresistible. North Sikkim, on the other hand, despite its lack of popularity, retains its rawness and individuality. You may have heard of destinations like Gangtok, Nathula, Tsomgo Lake, and others, but one should not overlook North Sikkim, which includes sites like Gurudongmar lake, Lachung, Katao, and others, to make their Sikkim holiday complete. 

As soon as you reach north Sikkim, you will see snow-capped peaks, as well as flowering colourful flowers and a gushing cool stream of water if you visit during the summer. So, let’s have a look at the top sites to visit in the North Sikkim Tour and when you should visit them to make your holiday more interesting. Here is a list of a few must-see locations in North Sikkim while you’re there.

Lachung is a little settlement with a gompa and a river. This area is mostly covered in apple orchards and pear trees. The community is self-sufficient and has a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains. Taking a homestay is the greatest way to see Lachung. Christmas, among other holidays, is widely observed in this country. Gompa is another important extraction. If you’re in the area, you should pay a visit to this Gompa. The building is brightly coloured and leads to the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary. The weaver’s society, which sells unusual handcrafted blankets and shawls, is well worth a visit. The community has maintained its culture, and craftsmanship is something to be aware of.

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake, regarded as a sacred lake by Buddhists and Hindus alike, is one of North Sikkim’s most famous tourist destinations. The amazing splendour of this lake will take your breath away as you take in the scenery. This lake is said to have supernatural abilities by the locals due to a popular local mythology about Guru Padmasambhava touching the waters of the lake and hence this is the reason why the lake does not freeze in the winters.

Gurudongmar Lake, together with a temple, creates a beautiful setting where you may experience snow-capped mountains and peace all in one area. Gurudongmar Lake draws a large number of tourists and serves as a starting point for many Himalayan hikes.

Yumthang Valley

This is another lovely destination to visit in North Sikkim, with lots of beautiful scenery. The area is densely forested with rhododendron trees and contains several hot Sulphur springs. Around 24 distinct types of Rhododendrons may be found here, earning the area the moniker “valley of flowers.” The area is filled with wide meadows and the Teesta River runs through it. This truly is a nature lover’s delight. During the summer, this is a great site to visit, and you’ll see a lot of visitors sitting in the valley. Oanhuri and Shundu Tanpa, which create the backdrop for the rushing Teesta river, are two of the valley’s most famous mountains for their views. This location has a population of 150 people.

Cholamu Lake

This lake, which is located at a height of 5000 metres above sea level and boasts of tranquillity, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Sikkim. This location is ideal for photographers due to its breathtaking scenery and the fact that it is one of India’s highest lakes. At the edge of this lake, you can see snow-capped mountains, which are both beautiful and calming to the eyes. When you see clouds sitting practically at the surface of the lake, it’s the most gorgeous element of the scene. The mind-boggling weather and strange scenery will tempt you to remain for a while and enjoy some peace and quiet.


Chungthang is a charming tiny village in North Sikkim known for its abundant biodiversity. It is a pretty small village that is regarded highly sacred by the inhabitants and is located at the confluence of two magnificent rivers, the Lachung Chu and the Lachen chu. Chungthang is also said to be the birthplace of the phrase Demaong, which literally translates to “hidden valley of rice” in Sikkim. It is known for being the stopover for Guru Nanak Dev on his journey to Tibet and China, as well as the popular mythology of Buddhist guru Guru Padmasambhava blessing the town. The majority of the villagers consider it a wonder that paddy can be produced in such hard climatic circumstances as Chungthang’s winters.

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