How can I get started as a Power BI consultant?

Power BI is laying the base for the careers of those looking to pursue it. But, becoming an independent expert consultant in this area isn’t an option for all. If you’re looking to leap to become an effective Power BI Consultant, You’ve come to this blog.

Who is a Consultant in BI?

BI Consultants utilize their knowledge to implement more effective data strategies for organizations and improve the internal procedures they implement. They are proficient in analyzing the current systems of data and analytics of businesses and creating a better BI strategy. By implementing a more data-driven strategy, companies can efficiently organize, research, and display data.

They work to increase effectiveness, make sound decisions, and improve performance by aligning the data strategy with business demands. BI Consultants with Power BI Certification are in high demand and preferred by top companies.

The responsibilities for Power BI Consulting

The next step is to jump into understanding the duties of a Power BI consultant. 

Because of the Power of data to inform better decisions, the area of data science experienced the creation of more jobs. This also led to growing opportunities for those skilled in analyzing the data and extracting valuable conclusions from it.

Because of its simplicity of use with interactive visualization and its powerful features, Microsoft Power BI leads the market for popular BI tools. It comes with self-service analytics that lets users create valuable data and reports.

Power BI has users ranging from startup and student students to large-scale companies and SMEs. This means that the possibilities and the roles for those proficient in using the tool are numerous and include Power BI consultants.

The typical Power BI Consultant job description comprises the following duties:

  • Evaluation of the existing data collection and analytics systems
  • Testing and implementation, as well as documentation of the BI systems
  • The development of model predictive capabilities and Machine learning algorithmic algorithms
  • Big-data analysis that helps discover patterns and trends
  • Transforming the business needs into technical specifications
  • Establishing data sharing protocols with external and internal parties
  • Make sure that you use safe and reliable methods for the extraction of data
  • Implementing visualization techniques to present valuable insight

Power BI Consultant Skills

A BI Consultant must possess the following essential skills. The job demands the ability to work hands-on in:

The Data Warehouse

Working knowledge regarding Data Warehouse as well as data mart development is essential. Power BI consultants must be aware of different database models, functions, and procedures. They must be competent in managing the data warehouse system and improve their capabilities.

B I Tools And Software

Experience with the use of BI tools is essential for BI Consultant. They need to know how to design interactive dashboards and have drill-down features using Power BI. They should be well-versed in the entire field of Data Analytics and BI concepts.


If you are planning to work in this field, it is essential to be aware of the process of OLAP techniques and tools like SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, and so on. and also have previous experience with the SQL servers stack.

Here are a few other abilities Power BI Consultants are expected to have:

  • Data analytics, BI, and concepts of databases
  • Data warehouse as well as processes for ETL processes
  • Software for Data Warehouse, databases, or modern solutions for BI
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards UI/UX and analysis
  • The ability to present observed trends and actual results that aid in making decisions.
  • SQL querying as well as DAX
  • SQL, in addition to database programming
  • Data modeling
  • Data security implementation
  • Maintaining reports
  • Reporting formats of all kinds such as charts, matrix tabular, etc.
  • Implementation, design, and presentation of sophisticated analysis solutions

Power BI Consultant Jobs

As I mentioned before there are plenty of job opportunities for those who are proficient in Power BI. Let’s examine some of the possibilities offered in the most populated countries around the globe.

According to LinkedIn, there are 3,000+ open positions for BI consulting jobs in India. More than 67000 Power BI consultancy jobs are listed on ZipRecruiter for the USA. According to REED, more than 340 positions are currently open to Power BI Consultants in the UK. Singapore has more than 290 jobs to fill, Singapore According to LinkedIn. Australia has more than 7000 Power BI jobs to fill. There are 220 job openings in Canada as per LinkedIn.

Microsoft BI Consulting Salary

Power BI Consultants from all over the world receive attractive pay. In India, the professionals make an average of about Rs623,000 annually, according to PayScale. 

The salary of consultants can differ based on their skills or experience and their location. However, they are certainly among the highest-paid experts in technology.

How can I be a consultant for Power BI?

The most important thing to consider before starting your career is the requirements for academic qualifications you’ll need. Most Power BI Consultant resumes containing a bachelor’s level. As per Zippia, 30.6% have master’s degrees. In addition, the diploma or associate degrees are also options.

Selecting the best major is the following vital step. The prerequisites for becoming Microsoft Power BI Consultant are given below.

  • Expertise in BI, Data Science, or other related abilities
  • Expertise in the field
  • An understanding of data mining and machine learning
  • Expertise in the use of BI software (like Tableau and Microsoft BI Power) and frameworks for processing data (like Hadoop and Samza)
  • Statistics and reporting skills
  • A bachelor’s level degree is required in Computer Science, Engineering, or an equivalent area.

You can also be an expert consultant if you’ve had previous experience in similar jobs. Most BI consultant jobs require prior experience in roles such as SAP Business Warehouse Consultant, Power BI Developer, etc.

They are also a great option to lay a strong base for your knowledge and skills and have your abilities and expertise vetted for potential employment opportunities. In addition, you can also find no-cost online guides, blogs, and online communities that are excellent learning tools.

The Final Words

This cloud-based application excels at the visualization of data, which makes Power BI a world favorite across all industries. Shortly, a decline isn’t likely in the slightest with the direction technology is changing. Businesses are taking advantage of cloud technologies such as Power BI, a promising technology with a lot of potential in the future. Anyone who is considering employment in this field can do so with confidence.

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