Bespoke skills testing software and how to use it to improve your candidate skills assessment

Checking candidate proficiency with skills assessments is easy. But if you are hiring for a niche role and industry then you might be better with using custom skills tests via a good candidate skills testing software.

Proactive recruiters ensure that they are already using a good system to filter and test their applicants so that only the best and most qualified candidates make it to the shortlist. Additionally, they ensure that their employee skills testing system is compatible with their recruitment database software platform that they work with daily.

A lot of the suppliers offer users the opportunity to create their own skills tests. This is a valuable feature because recruiters and hiring managers can craft their own set of questions that are more relevant to their business. It helps them quickly narrow down to a list of applicants that they find better suited for their company. 

What are bespoke skills tests? Who can use them?

Custom skills tests are employment skills assessments that staffing agencies and hiring companies can modify and adapt to suit their needs. Anyone can utilise this – agency recruiters, in-house recruitment teams, hiring managers.

When recruiters and employers want to filter applications and evaluate candidates’ talents, they turn to candidate skills testing. Good skills testing software systems have inbuilt skills assessments that can be used to measure an individual’s technical and interpersonal abilities.

Most of these software systems have common skills tests that are really popular and suitable for all types of employment industries. For example, literacy skills tests, numeracy skills tests, and Microsoft Office skills testing can be used to assess candidates for any office-based or secretarial roles. 

Among the other common candidate proficiency tests, psychometric skills testing is very helpful. Staffing agencies that employ skills testing software will find a lot of use for the psychometric skills test. This assessment can be utilised on any candidate regardless of job role, job level and industry.

Custom skills testing also comes into play here. For example, if a recruiter is hiring for a niche industry or role, it is not common to find the required type of skills tests inbuilt into the software. And instead of turning to another assessment that seems like a close fit, it is possible to use the ‘create your own recruitment test’ feature.

Through this function, recruiters can build their own tests from scratch. It allows the user to take the existing test structure, write applicable questions and arrange them as they see fit. Bespoke skills testing also includes adding the agency branding so that it provides a more professional and cohesive feel to the candidates.

Picking the right candidate skills assessment software system 

It is as important to research the best candidate skills testing software systems as it is to research good recruitment CRM software. It is 2022 so an online skills assessments system is vital. Online skills testing makes a recruiter or a hiring manager’s work very easy and efficient. Selecting tests and sending them off to the candidates doesn’t take more than a few minutes. 

Also, make use of the free product demo before purchasing the software. Use this opportunity to ask about custom skills testing. Knowledgeable consultants should be able to answer questions and clear doubts. Ask about customer testimonials from users who have used the create your test function. 

Once recruiters have signed on to the perfect skills testing software, use it to tweak already existing popular tests such as literacy skills tests, MS Office skills testing, data protection training testing, accounting skills testing, and secretarial skills testing. Or to craft your own bespoke skills tests.

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