Complete Guide for Lumbar Disc Replacement

Most people suffer from lower back pain. This could be because of many reasons. To treat this health issue many surgeons recommend lumbar disc replacement. This has become the regular and most common treatment for people who are suffering from degenerative disc disease. Likewise, the treatment is popular, and people choose this lumbar total disc replacement over traditional lumbar spinal fusion. 

Many people are not aware of this treatment and its procedure. Before opting for the treatment , you have to get a clear idea and complete knowledge regarding lumbar disc replacement which depends on your health condition.

What is a Lumbar Disc Replacement?

A lumbar disc replacement is one of the common surgeries on your back or spine. The back spine is built up of bones known as vertebrae arranged on top of each other. Some discs are present between the vertebrae, and these work like cushions and help vertebrae move and rotate without the bones touching each other. The discs and lumbar vertebrae are placed at the bottom of your spine. This lumbar disc replacement treatment can occur when any degenerative or worn disc is present, and that will be replaced with an artificial disc. An artificial disc that is replaced in your spine is made of plastic and metal.

Lumbar total disc replacement is generally an alternative option to spinal fusion surgery. Fusion treatment involves joining two vertebrae together permanently. Lumbar disc replacement is major surgery, and the procedure requires general anesthesia and hospital stay.

Who Should Undergo a Lumbar Disc Replacement?

Lumbar disc replacement is a surgery that generally take place to treat your lower back pain. Also, everyone who have lower back pain are not suggested to undergo a surgery. Generally, lumbar disc replacement surgery will be recommended in the following cases. Take a look:

  • If your back pain comes from one or two discs in your lower spine.
  • If you are not overweight
  • If you haven’t had any previous spinal surgery
  • If you don’t have joint disease or compression on the nerves of your spine
  • If you don’t have spinal deformity or scoliosis

How to Get Prepared for Lumbar Disc Replacement?

Initially, you have to undergo some tests suggested by your doctor, including a physical exam and medical histories like MRI, blood tests, CT scan, and X-rays. These test reports can help a doctor identify the condition and exact cause of your back pain. Then, the doctor will have a better understanding and recommend the surgery if it is needed. 

Before you are getting ready for the surgery, you have to avoid smoking. Also, you have to avoid medicines like herbs, vitamins and supplements as it can affect the surgery and leads to blood clotting. And, resulting the surgery may not heal faster. So, take some required precautions before you are planning for the surgery. 

Additionally, you may need to follow the below-given precautions before, during, or after the surgery.

  • Before a few hours of your surgery, you need to keep your stomach empty, and you should not consume any solids or liquids.
  • You have to be under observation in the hospital for a few days.
  • You are not supposed to drive for some days after the surgery.
  • After the surgery, you need a helper to help you with dressing, bathing, and cleaning.

Talk to your doctor beforehand and know the precautions you need to take before your procedure.

Bottom Line:

If you face back pain and it is important to take a lumbar disc replacement, you can go ahead. You may get a clear idea in this article about the treatment and the precautions you need to take before the surgery. Health is all your wealth! So, don’t compromise on your health. Have safe surgery and stay healthy!

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