Non-Standard Car Insurance for Teenagers and Students

If there is standard auto insurance, there is also a non-standard version for motorists who can’t just avail of the former because of a number of factors. These factors include a lapse in coverage, driving violations, and the driver’s age, among others.

A high-risk driver could be someone with a serious violation, such as a DUI or careless driving, on their driving record at the DMV. Some motorists will find it hard to avail standard vehicle insurance because of their previous unimpressive driving records like auto accidents and speeding tickets.

The non-standard market can be used by drivers who have a below-average driving record or drive high-powered sports cars or high-value cars. Unless drivers’ performance in terms of their driving skills is improved, they will not qualify for the standard auto insurance policy and will use the non-standard instead.

Vehicle insurance providers usually check the driving records for 2-3 years if the driver is a risky motorist. However, a DUI may stay on your driving record for up to 10 years.

Sometimes a person who has not maintained continuous coverage on his vehicle will be placed into the non-standard program. The insurance company figures that the person was probably driving without insurance for a period of time, which is high-risk behavior.

Teenaged drivers are regularly placed in non-standard auto products. Teenaged boys have the worst safety records and get the most tickets. Although teenage female drivers are more safety-conscious, they are still considered non-standard drivers, just like the young males. That is why there is a need for teenage drivers to be included in their parents’ insurance coverage. But the effect of this would be that the parent’s insurance would also get higher due to the inclusion of their teen children in the car insurance policy. Having Junior on his own policy with his own car can save Dad hundreds of dollars. According to the DMV, car insurance is an essential requirement for auto owners.

The best advice for drivers who are placed under the non-standard auto insurance program is to drive safely and defensively. Then, get new car insurance quotes each year to see if your driving record qualifies you for standard rates.

Cheap Car Insurance for Lady Students

This is good news for all the ladies out there who have left their parents’ homes and are out of senior high school. If you are now going to colleges and universities, you are now considered an independent individual exploring a new territory that is so different from the comfort zone that you used to be in.

Getting into college life for the ladies, and even men, would mean starting live like responsible adults, and since you are now away from the clutches of your parents’ authority, you must now take control of your life. At this point, it is assumed that you now have a car of your own you must register it at the DMV before having it insured. Of course, aside from having the best car insurance coverage, you also want the cheapest car insurance with the lowest down payments.

Here are some of the crucial tips that lady drivers must consider so they can avail themselves of affordable car insurance:

  • Install a safety alarm before you take off – If your dad or a relative who knows about car alarms can do the installation for you, or if you can do it yourself, then the better.
  • Park your car in a well-lit area – It would be much better if you could live in a dormitory with parking areas with adequate lighting and not prone to car theft since a lot of them are not well-lit. In any event, try to park where there is the lightest. You will never know when your car alarm system will come in handy.
  • Do not keep things of value inside your car – Cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, the covers of your CD player – never leave them in your car, even if you do keep it locked. This also includes any loose money and jewelry, school books, and luggage from your trip home last weekend.

The rigors of college life will undoubtedly keep you occupied. It also aids you in becoming forgetful. But, in spite of the physical and mental demands of college, always keep in mind to protect your stuff, especially those as essential as your car.

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