Sports, Gyms and The NDIS

This article provides information on the limitations of NDIS funding for sports, gyms and other recreational supports. It also covers accessing non-registered organisations and how to get the most value for money. 

Limitations of NDIS Funding

In order to claim sports and gyms in the NDIS, you must have a clear goal in mind. You can achieve your goals by participating in sports activities, for example, by developing stronger relationships with family and friends, improving health and wellbeing, or learning a new skill. The NDIS will assess your goal and assess your eligibility for funding based on the criteria you’ve provided. You should have specific goals and supporting evidence for each one.

In addition to sports gyms, the NDIS also provides funding for activities that promote independence. You can use NDIS funding to join sporting Disability Activities Burwood that contribute to your NDIS goals, such as fitness classes or coaching. The activities you choose must be relevant to your goals, and require reasonable and necessary support. These activities fall under the capacity building support category.

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Who Can Supervise These Activities?

Recreational supports must be related to the person’s Disability Activities Burwood and will not be fund things that aren’t related to their functional limitations. Recreational supports that are related to sporting Disability Activities Burwood will generally have a higher likelihood of receiving funding from the NDIS, such as paying for a support worker who can supervise them during activities. However, recreational activities may still be costly, so people with disabilities should consider the costs before requesting funding.

Funding for recreation services at a sports gym is not available for entrance fees and activities that participants can’t attend on their own. A participant must cover these costs. A support worker may be required to carry a companion card for the participant, which could be more effective at tracking costs. Disability Activities Burwood aren’t funded by the NDIS if the person is unable to pay for them.

Non-Registered Organisations

While the NDIS covers access to registered sports gyms and organisations, it doesn’t cover non-registered sporting groups. The NDIS doesn’t register many mainstream sporting groups. Therefore, clients who have an Agency Managed NDIS plan may have fewer choices in sports activities. However, access to non-registered providers can be made possible by Plan Managers and participants can choose which sports and fitness providers they want to use.

An example would be Jenny. Jenny is eligible to receive funds for the costs of specialised sporting equipment and recreational activities. She would be eligible for Capacity Building Support to gain skills and independence, which might include fitness classes, personal training, and social and community participation. Other supports might include assistive technology and consumables that support participation in sport and physical activity. But in order to access an NDIS-funded sports gym, participants must meet a number of eligibility requirements.

Support Person or Assistive Technology

The NDIS may fund a support person or assistive technology for sport as part of a person’s NDIS plan. Supports like these help people with disabilities manage their social and economic lives. But they must also prove that they provide value for money. And to be eligible, they must be cost-effective. In addition to NDIS funding, participants should consider  how informal support can assist them in accessing sport activities.

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