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What Are The Best Blinds For Privacy With Good Lighting?

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Natural light is good for our mind and body. However, that does not negate the necessity of privacy in your home. Whether you live in the suburbs, an apartment, or in a cabin in the windows, a little privacy is not such a bad thing.

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The perfect way to balance natural light and privacy is to invest in some quality window blinds that will allow you to control both. Keep the prying eyes away by choosing the right blinds that can be easily adjusted.

Blinds can be easily lowered or pulled up to control the amount of natural light entering the room and to get some privacy when required. However, do not get confused between blinds and shades. The latter comprises a single sheet of fabric, whereas the former generally consists of wooden, tin, or aluminium slats.

Which Blinds are Best for Privacy and Good Lighting?

There are many kinds of window blinds in the market to choose from. Here is a list of all the blinds to help you choose the right one for your home.

Venetian Blinds:

Venetian blinds come with slats instead of a single piece of fabric. This particular allows lots of natural light to flood your home and gives optimum privacy whenever required. 

With the help of a string or lever, you can tilt the slats to the right angle to adjust the light level and visibility inside your home. The best part about Venetian blinds is the flexibility that comes with them. The slats can be extended entirely or partially retracted for proper illumination.

Roller Blinds:

The roller blinds, also known as motorised blinds, are easy to use and provide privacy and soft illumination whenever needed. The roller blinds can be made using wood or fabric to prevent glare and give privacy. These blinds are versatile and can be installed in any room of your house, including the kitchen and bathrooms.

You can select the kind of fabric you want on the roller blinds. There are particular kinds for dimming out the natural light and also for glare protection. It gives a soft glow inside the room and offers optimum privacy.

The best part about these blinds is that you can control them without a cord. On request, motorised blinds can come fitted with a wired motor or rechargeable battery allowing you to pull or roll it down using a remote.

Vertical Blinds:

As the name suggests, these window blinds have vertical slats hanging on a track and offer light control and privacy. Usually, the slats are made of aluminium but can also be made of translucent or block-out fabric.

Similar to Venetian blinds, the slats can be pulled to one side using a cord to control the amount of natural sunlight entering the room. If you have large sliding glass windows or doors, vertical blinds are the perfect solution for privacy and light control.

Panel Track Blinds:

This window blind is a slight variation of the vertical blinds. Panel track blinds come with fabric slats that can be used in making shades and blinds. Unlike vertical blinds, these slats hang from a track but can move independently.

While in vertical blinds, all the slats move to one side, in panel track blinds, the slats can be divided in the middle, with each part moving to either side of the window or door. Their movement is not interdependent. It allows complete to partial sunlight control and privacy.

Natural light and privacy are equally crucial for a healthy home. Investing in good blinds will make the space secure and bright. Enjoy solitude with style and efficiency.

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