Spider Vein Treatment: Should You Be Alarmed If Those Veins are Showing?

Typically, spider veins are harmless and not a health issue. Thus, it usually does not require surgery or medication. But spider veins that present symptoms or are associated with venous insufficiency can be a medical concern. A lot of people are searching for spider vein treatment to avoid complications that have to do with venous insufficiency. Treatment options are meant to improve the appearance of these veins, minimize any health risks they may pose, and stimulate blood circulation. Also, making lifestyle adjustments can help decrease the risk of developing spider veins or improve the symptoms. 

How Spider Veins Develop

Spider veins happen when the tiny blood vessels in the skin’s upper layer become swollen or overfilled with blood. Usually, when the veins are subjected to excess pressure, they can dilate. A vascular expert can thoroughly assess a patient to determine the exact cause of their vein issues and identify any underlying medical condition like deep vein thrombosis or venous disease. 

Spider Veins vs Varicose Veins

While spider and varicose veins are associated, they are distinct kinds of vein issues. They differ in terms of their symptoms and causes.  Varicose veins look thick, rope-like, and swollen and are bigger than spider veins. Also, they have a rough texture and are blue or red colored. They tend to rise above the surface of the skin. 

How to Know If It is Spider Veins

Often, spider veins are harmless and don’t present symptoms. But a person has an increased risk of having spider veins if they experience the symptoms of venous insufficiency. These symptoms include leg swelling, tired legs, visible veins, itching at the vein site, and heaviness in the legs. 

Common Treatment for Spider Veins

Treatment for spider veins includes sclerotherapy and laser treatment. Sclerotherapy can effectively treat leg veins by improving the symptoms and minimizing vein appearance. It involves injecting foam or a solution into the affected area. As the solution irritates the vein lining and causes blood clots and collapsed veins, the blood will reroute through the healthy veins.

Meanwhile, laser treatment for spider veins is ideal for finer or smaller veins like those that appear on the face. This treatment involves the use of a special laser device for applying light energy to the affected veins. Laser treatment can instantly cause tiny veins to disappear. But bigger veins will take longer to disappear and the treatment process may take weeks or even months. The patient may be required to wear a compression stocking to help with healing and ensure the treated areas do not get exposed to the sun.

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